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What to Expect When Visiting a Chiropractor

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If you have been referred to a chiropractor because of a spinal disorder, then it pays to know what procedure will be performed on you. Not all patients understand that work of a chiropractic doctor and that’s why there are many myths and misconceptions about this profession.

Chiropractic doctors perform diagnostic tests and physical examinations to determine the problems in the patients are. Most of these tests involve you having to do some simple movements so that the doctor can see your range of motion and posture. You will be asked to bend in different directions. Below is a list of the other tests that they do so you’ll be more familiar with when you visit a chiropractic clinic Tulsa.

1. Gait examination

Here, the chiropractor will watch how you walk. Walking or marching in place will already reveal a lot of inconsistencies in your spine and pelvis. This is the test that a chiropractor would want you to do if you have problems in the pelvic area.

2. Bending

As stated earlier, you will be asked to bend in different directions. The purpose of that is to check the flexibility of your body. The doctor will check if there is any stiffness in your spine or if there’s abnormal curvature, just like in the case of scoliosis.

3. Posture Check

Your posture will also be checked, and this is the easiest test that they’ll perform. Here, you will be asked to sit, stand, or both. If you have poor posture, the chiropractic doctor will see it immediately. He will also so if that’s the reason why you suffer from muscle and joint pain, subluxation, and misalignment.

4. Piriformis Test

This test is conducted for patients who are suffering from piriformis syndrome. Here, the patient will be asked to bend or flex his or her hip and knee while lying down. The chiropractor will also gently push on your leg to check the mobility of your hip joints, as well as the piriformis muscle’s flexibility.

5. Straight Leg Raise

This diagnostic method, which is simply referred to as SLR, tries to measure the irritation and tension suffered by the sciatic nerve, as well as the hamstring muscle flexibility. The patient will be asked to lie down and then raise one of his or legs. The knee, which is raised a few inches, will be locked in position.

6. Psoas Muscle Test

In this test, the doctor will gently push the patient’s raised leg to check its strength. If it is in pain or if there’s an imbalance in the vertebra joints, then the chiropractor will easily see it. The doctor will easily provide the right treatment to the problem.

7. Yeoman’s Test

In this test, the chiropractor will check if the sacroiliac joints are strained or sprained. The doctor will ask the patient to lie on his or her back while flexing one of the legs and extending the thigh. If there’s pain felt in the lower back or buttocks area, then it may be because of joint strain or reduced joint mobility.

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