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Things to Consider Before Installing Solar Panels in Your Home

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There are many benefits to installing solar panels; from saving the environment, reducing carbon emissions, having efficient electricity, to the monthly bills you need to pay for electricity. And because it gives that modern look to roofs, a lot of houses are installing them. If you are planning to install some, make sure that you are availing a reputable company service like Show Low.

Aside from a reputable company, installing them requires a lot of planning and calculations. There are a lot of factors that affect the installation and productivity of the solar panels such as your location, energy consumption, type of roof, etc.

Here, we provide you the list of things you need to consider before installing AZ Solar Panels on your roof

1.Your roof

This includes your roof’s material type, durability, condition, layout, and strength to hold the panels.

Solar panels generally can last up to thirty years. However, roofs made of asphalt just last around twenty years. This is to say that your roofs condition and durability need to match the solar panel’s. It is not practical removing your panels to fix and install a new roof, and re-install them after the roof has been properly placed.

Panels can be installed on almost every type of roof; however, some companies require an additional payment for difficult roofs.


The panels need a good amount of sunlight. The shadows caused by large and shaded trees and/or tall buildings can block sunlight which can significantly reduce the efficiency and energy produce of your panels.

Also, if you are located in the South or Southwest, you will have more chances of good sunlight compare to people who live in the Northwest.

3.Energy consumption

Every house has a different energy consumption. It varies because of different factors like the number and kind of appliances you have at home and the number of people using it. If you have lower energy consumption, fewer panels are adequate, but if you have a big house, then you will need more.

Identify the number of kilowatts you use per month to know the number of panels to install.

4.Type of panels to buy and install

Traditional, roof-mounted panels are the most common and popular to some buyers; however, you can also install them on the ground.

Some panels also have a tracker. They move the panels where there is more sunlight and tracks the sun’s path.

Ground-mounted and panels with trackers are oftentimes more expensive than the traditional ones.

5.Hire a quality service

Look for professional company service with warranties, good equipment for the project, diagnostic tools, and licensing for installation for some equipment. You can start with researching and looking for recommendations and references.


Planning ahead of the time saves you from a lot of mistakes and decision errors in the future. Before you decide to install solar panels, take into consideration the things we have provided above for more efficient and better panel installation.

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